Birthdays in August at Stonebow House
This month three of our residents celebrated their birthday.

Our residents spent today planting pots with flowers and enjoying the sun!


Our resident spent an afternoon playing Jenga which is a game where you take turns to remove a block from the tower and place it back on the top without toppling the tower. Needless to say, a lot of cheating took place as well as fun!!


Tuftie the Budgie

Tuftie now has a new girlfriend and the residents have named her Fluffy.  They now have pride of place in the lounge and spend all day billing and cooing!


George and Mildred

Our resident Duck family, George and Mildred have become proud parents

Boat Trip from the Gloucester Docks and Sharpness Canal
Today our residents went on a boat trip from Saul Junction, along the Sharpness canal. Our residents enjoyed the adventure and therapy of the tranquility in beautiful surroundings. The boat was called “The Spirit of Freedom.”

Tuftie the Budgerigar

Our residents spent the afternoon in the company of Tuftie the Budgie, so named so after the feathers that protrude on the side of his neck.  Tuftie made himself at home in the lounge, enjoying all of the attention he got!


Stonebow’s New Family of Ducks

We have more new residents at Stonebow! We all welcomed the Duck Family, who have settled in well with George and Mildred Duck, they now have all been named by our residents! The two sisters are called “The Cheeky Girls” and they are joined by Daffy Duck, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck! All our residents sat in the sun and fed them.

George and Mildred

We have recently had new visitors to Stonebow House.  We have been visited by two ducks, who seem to be enjoying their new home and the food provided by our residents!!  They have been named George and Mildred and we hope to hear the patter of webbed feet soon!


Care Quality Commission Certificate

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Mother’s Day at Stonebow

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day.  The cook made a beautiful cake and our residents loved their visits from family and friends and the home now looks like Kew Gardens!


Cake Baking at Stonebow

Music For Health

Our residents enjoy their weekly Music For Health activities. Music soothes and calms and releases “feel good hormones!” These energetic sessions are liked by all!

Our residents enjoyed their Christmas Party!

Our residents all helped to decorate the Christmas Tree!

Our Staff and Residents are already getting ready for Christmas! Today they were making paper chains.

All our residents enjoyed the visiting Puppet Show. Much fun and laughter was had when our residents decided to have a go themselves!


Introducing Stonebow Houses’ new Activity Co-ordinator, Jenny.


All the residents really enjoyed the day that the chicks came to visit us.

The residents really enjoyed holding them.

On the 27th August Marjorie Endean celebrated her 100th birthday. Marjorie’s family and all of our residents enjoyed a small party in the lounge. Marjorie also received her telegram from the Queen.